Taming the Speed Impact of 3rd-Party Tags

par Andy Davies, édition 2023

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From Analytics to Advertising, Reviews to Recommendations, and more, we rely on Third-Party Tags for critical aspects of our sites. But there’s a tension between the value that third-party tags bring and the costs they impose.

Speed Matters… the longer our pages take to load the lower our visitors’ engagement is… lower page views, lower conversions, and lower revenue.

In this session Andy will share approaches and practical steps he uses to help clients reduce the impact tags have on the speed of visitors’ experience.

For good reasons the performance community tends to have a very negative view of third-party tags, but love them or hate them they’re part of our sites.

The talk aims to explore and demonstrate some the ways we can manage them and reduce their impact on site speed.

The general concepts in the talk will be useful to anyone who is involved with managing sites and third-party tags. Some of the concepts will require technical knowledge of how networks and browsers work but others will be useable by people who are adding tags using a tag managers.

The talk with explore how to choreograph tags to reduce their impact, and then cover approaches for monitoring and debugging tag performance.

Andy Davies

Presented by Andy Davies Web Performance Consultant, SpeedCurve

Andy is a Web Performance Consultant at SpeedCurve, where he helps customers to measure and improve the speed of their sites. He stumbled into web performance in 2008 while launching an online education service and quickly ran into the challenge of delivering rich content to schools over congested networks.

Since 2012 he’s focused on web performance full time and has worked with a wide variety of organisations from retailers and publishers to financial services and FMCG brands.