May 10, 2023 - Paris, France
Thank you for coming, videos and slides are coming very soon!



About We Love Speed

Created in 2018 by and for the webperf community, the "We Love Speed" not-for-profit conference is born from the desire to share as widely as possible knowledge and experience about webperf. Web professionals, e-commerce and webperf experts, this event is for you!

We expect up to 250 participants, including executives, developers, enthusiasts and experts in web performance, as every year. But in 2023, we want to contribute even more to the democratization of web performance.

Therefore, for this edition, we aim at a more heterogeneous audience, including profiles such as Chief Digital Officer, e-commerce, marketing or SEO. We will select conferences adapted to all sensibilities. There will be something for everyone!

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The venue

See you at the Espace Saint-Martin, in the center of Paris.

A conference room pictured from the back. Several hundred purple plastic chairs face a large screen.
The atypical architecture of the covert of the Philae room.
A spacious, bright white reception area.
The gallery is a very bright space, ideal for receptions.
An auditorium with about 300 seats, photographed from the back left. We can guess a giant screen overhanging a large scenic space.
The Auditorium and its wide stage area.

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They support us!

E-merchants, solution providers, service providers, they support us for the love of UX and Web performance. Without them, there would be no event. Thank you very much!

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The Staff