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E-merchants, solution providers, service providers, they have chosen to support us for the love of UX and Web performance. Without them, there would be no event. Thank you very much!

Our Gold sponsors

Fasterize is a SaaS solution that automatically speeds up the loading of websites. Fasterize’s optimization engine acts in real time (like a proxy) on the raw page performance, but also on the users’ perception of speed. Quick to set up.

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With 10 years of experience in independent webperf audits and in training teams of developers, Jean-Pierre Vincent helps you start your webperf projects or accompanies you along the way.

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Theodo is a tech-team-for-hire web and mobile development company. They build digital products for fast growing startups like ManoMano and BlaBlaCar as well as for large corporations like BNP Paribas and Safran.

Theodo has more than 150 developer-engineers and business developers based in Paris, London and New York.

Born out of experience on hundreds of projects, Theodo shares best practices with their clients to help them optimize the performance of their apps.

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Google is a key player in the web ecosystem, continuously innovating to optimize performance, introducing tools and frameworks such as Chrome User Experience reports, Lighthouse, and PageSpeed Insights that empower everyone to build faster, more responsive, and user-friendly websites. web.dev offers a wealth of information, recommendations, and best practices to guide developers in creating websites that are fast, secure and accessible.

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Scaleflex is a B2B SaaS company that develops digital asset management and media acceleration solutions. Our mission is to upload, store, organize, optimize, publish and distribute all types of media assets (images, videos, static files such as JS and CSS files, etc.) to accelerate web and mobile applications.

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Dynatrace makes it easy and simple to monitor and run the most complex, hyper-scale multi-cloud ecosystems. Purpose built for today’s enterprises, Dynatrace is an AI-powered, full stack and completely automated monitoring solution that provides deep insight (answers, not data) into every user, every transaction, across every application. That’s why many of the world’s leading brands, including 72 of the Fortune 100, trust Dynatrace to optimize customer experiences, innovate faster and modernize IT operations with absolute confidence.

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