Measure or Die: How to Do a Quick Diagnosis?

par Jean-Pierre Vincent, édition 2023

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PO, SEO or project manager roles? Let’s put LightHouse aside and start with more precise tools to guide your developers and judge output performance. At this level, calibrating Webpagetest or Chrome DevTools and reading them carefully will allow you to have realistic project management.

Frontend developers? Let’s look at the details and manipulate these two expert tools. Bonus for heavy JS applications: tools and methods to lighten the frontend.

Jean-Pierre Vincent

Presented in French by Jean-Pierre Vincent Web Performance Expert, BrainCracking

Jean-Pierre Vincent - Independent Technical Expert and trainer on Web and JavaScript Performance. Since 2010, Jean-Pierre accompanies his clients in their webperf strategy or train their teams. He is also the co-organizer of the Paris Webperf meetups.