Accessibility and Webperf, Not So Different

par Bertrand Keller, édition 2023

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Knowing accessibility to code well. Don’t learn to code well to do accessibility.

Is accessibility a simple theoretical overlay to have a compliant code? Not quite. Most accessibility audits show very low scores of compliance with the RGAA (which is a not very demanding standard). These audits reveal technical problems but also design and organization problems and especially a lack of web culture.

But then, couldn’t increasing the web culture in a team also benefit performance improvement? Couldn’t correcting accessibility anomalies improve page load times?

Let’s take a step aside to see the webperf from another angle and see what accessibility could bring to it.

Bertrand Keller

Presented in French by Bertrand Keller Expert Accessibilité, Koena

Master HTML developer, CSS engineer… we don’t really know how to name our job. But I know interfaces and how a browser works.

Accessibility management is multidisciplinary. It must start with accessibility because it is the discipline that considers users in their human diversity.