Faster Than SPAs?

par Anthony Ricaud, édition 2021

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Single Page Apps architectures are very popular. These architectures are notorious for not delivering fast sites on the first visit. In exchange for this slow start, they promise superior performance for subsequent interactions. Is this really the case?

Looking at existing sites using Single Page Apps, we’ll see that the promise of the super fast second page is not as simple as it seems. Then, if we decide to go with a Multi Page Apps architecture, how do we code the moments of interactivity within the same screen? We will look at how to respond to user interaction and load content dynamically without needing several hundred KB of JavaScript.

Anthony Ricaud

Presented in French by Anthony Ricaud Web Performance & Architect Consultant

As a performance and web architecture consultant, Anthony helps teams improve their web projects. With a broad understanding of web protocols and browsers, he enjoys designing simple but fast web architectures.