Micro-Front architecture, a driver for web performance?

par Ludovic Lagatie and Bertrand Laot, édition 2021

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Micro-front architecture is increasingly being promoted in large companies, but there is very little feedback on webperf issues (multiplication of API calls, code duplication, increased number of resources, etc.).

To address the issues of time to market, performance and resilience, Leroy Merlin chose in 2017 to redesign its website based on a micro-front-end architecture. We started with a blank sheet of paper and addressed from the beginning and as a single topic the back and front performance issues.

We offer you a feedback and will explain the concepts we implemented to make the micro-front architecture an ally of webperf.

Ludovic Lagatie

Presented in French by Ludovic Lagatie Tech Lead, Leroy Merlin

Freelance for more than 15 years as a Tech Lead and Application Architect, I support large companies in the development of their e-commerce site. My main motivation is to find technical solutions to continuously improve application performance and web performance.

Bertrand Laot

Presented in French by Bertrand Laot Front-end Developer Advocate, Leroy Merlin

In love with the web for the past 15 years, I am front-end advocate at Leroy Merlin (ADEO Group). I lead a community of front-end developers around the issues of web quality, including web performance and accessibility.