How to improve the web performance of a portfolio of over 40,000 sites?

par Jeremy Wyler and Amir Glatt, édition 2021

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Optimizing the Web Vitals is part of a larger plan of Solocal’s website division, aiming to considerably improve the performance, design and quality of our content, in order to improve local SEO for the hundreds of websites we produce every week for our small and medium-sized business customers.

In addition to strengthening the UX, Design and SEO teams, the company has, for the past 3 years, modernized its technological stack by formalizing a partnership with the company Duda, editor of an eponymous CMS available as a SaaS offer.

In this presentation, we will address the subject of web performance optimization from three angles.

  1. The evolutions undertaken by Duda to optimize CWV, illustrated by field data on the evolution for the entire Duda portfolio, with a particular focus on the Solocal websites.
  2. The challenges we encountered at Solocal during the migration of our sites, which were previously hosted and operated in-house on technological platforms that were not adapted to these new challenges.
  3. Perspective for the evolution of the Duda platform in order to continuously improve web performance, and feedback on its management, in the context of Solocal’s mass production of sites.

Jeremy Wyler

Presented in French by Jeremy Wyler SEO Manager, Solocal

Jérémy Wyler is SEO manager at Solocal. He leads the local SEO strategy for the group’s website offering, with nearly 40,000 clients to his credit. Jérémy and his SEO team conduct semantic studies and audits for each of Solocal’s mid- and high-end websites. Jérémy also develops internal SEO tools for the automation of semantic and competitive analysis.

Amir Glatt

Presented in French by Amir Glatt Co-founder & CTO, Duda

Co-founder and CTO of Duda, Amir Glatt has over 20 years of experience in product management, software architecture expertise and managing large development teams. Starting as Duda’s only developer and engineer, Amir is the original mind behind the company’s unique platform. In 2010, he left California and returned to Tel Aviv to open and oversee the company’s new research and development facility. Under Amir’s leadership, this team has grown to include over 80 highly skilled engineers and product managers.