Building a webperf culture at leboncoin
(it’s more than just tech!)

par Jérémie Pereira and Xavier Bouteiller, édition 2021

Check the slides (fr) See the video (fr)

It all started in early 2020, when a bug resulting from bad webperf led us to mobilize a taskforce. Nowadays, we are promoting webperf issues as a real culture within the entire Product & Tech team, i.e. nearly 400 people, right from the design stage of our product.

Let’s take a look back at 18 months of tooling, improvements and learning about webperf within the leboncoin group’s Product / Tech / UX teams. Today, we’d like to share with you our successes, our failures, and everything that helped us develop our webperf culture and, we hope, yours…

Jérémie Pereira

Presented in French by Jérémie Pereira Front-end Developer, Leboncoin

Passionate about the web for 15 years, I am a frontend lead developer at leboncoin, which I joined 9 years ago. I actively participated in the responsive redesign of the site, the total redesign of the frontend stack and I am now passionate about performance, accessibility or developer experience.

Xavier Bouteiller

Presented in French by Xavier Bouteiller Product Owner, Leboncoin

After several experiences in e-commerce sites and marketplaces in various fields (home, fashion …), I joined leboncoin in 2020, as Product Owner. Having always contributed to product evolutions in relation with acquisition issues, it is quite natural that I became passionate about SEO and webperfs.