Webperf optimization project: what are we getting into?

par Quentin Mathieu and Mathilde Lassort, édition 2019

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Do you want to launch or are you in the process of launching a Web Performance optimization project? Let’s discuss together the different stages of maturation of a webperf project in a company through the feedback of OUI.sncf, but also from other e-commerce sites that have had the same approach. During this presentation, we will discuss:

Quentin Mathieu

Presented in French by Quentin Mathieu Quality of Experience Expert, OUI.sncf

Expert QOE at OUI.sncf, strives to master the IT for the benefit of the user experience.

Mathilde Lassort

Presented in French by Mathilde Lassort Product Strategist, OUI.sncf

Product Strategist at OUI.sncf, I support teams in product strategy.