Honey, I Shrunk the JS Bundles

par Antoine Kahn-Dubois, édition 2019

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Working on a web applications for the advisors of a large bank, we faced performance problems caused by the large quantity of JavaScript we were sending our users.

We managed to reduce the load time of our app from 9 to 2 seconds, using several methods: bundle analysis, code splitting and dependency deduplication. During this talk, I’ll talk about the following topics:

I will illustrate those topics with their concrete impact on our web application’s performance.

By the end of this talk, you will know the best practices to keep your JavaScript size as low as possible, and will have access to training materials that I wrote that will help make you experts on the topic.

Antoine Kahn-Dubois

Presented in French by Antoine Kahn-Dubois Frontend Developer, Theodo

Antoine is an agile developer who has been working for four years at Theodo, and is passionate about performance, JavaScript & Python. He is convinced that reducing JavaScript bundle sizes is the way to save the world.