HTTP/3: it’s a transport issue!

par Benoit Jacquemont, édition 2019

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HTTP or Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the Web protocol. The announcement of HTTP/3 in early November 2018 surprised many people: the time gap between HTTP/3 and HTTP/2 was less than 4 years, whereas 18 years had passed between HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.

Nevertheless, this version brings a real complementarity to the work achieved by HTTP/2, especially on latency issues.

Latency is certainly the number one enemy of Web Performance. It can be found at all levels: front-end, back-end, network protocol, hardware, etc. Latency must therefore be tackled in a comprehensive way to provide users with the best possible experience.

This talk will come back to the reasons for this 3rd version of the Web protocol, what it brings and what it changes, and what web developers can expect from it.

It will also be an opportunity to present the challenges that will arise when implementing HTTP/3.

The target audience is anyone with a technical background working around the web (developer, devops, network engineer).

The main lines of the intervention will be:

Benoit Jacquemont

Presented in French by Benoit Jacquemont Co-fondateur et CTO, Akeneo

Benoit Jacquemont dived into the web in 2000 after having a first experience on payment software. From Java to PHP, from Oracle to MySQL and from management applications to eCommerce sites, he worked on various projects, always with a strong OpenSource dimension, within the Smile group. He became the CTO in 2009 when the company had nearly 450 employees. In January 2013, he co-founded Akeneo with Frédéric de Gombert, Nicolas Dupont and Yoav Kutner. The startup adventure then began for him, as Akeneo’s CTO.