Feedback on 4 years of XP using a Synthetic Monitoring tool at SeLoger

par Antonio Gomes Rodrigues, édition 2019

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A few years ago, SeLoger invested heavily in the application performance of its websites. This resulted in jobs creation, the tools purchasing and the creation of an custom-made Synthetic Monitoring solution based on WebPageTest. Today we have migrated to a commercial product.

During this conference, you will first discover why and how we created a Synthetic Monitoring solution by ourselves. We will answer the following questions.

Then, in a second phase, why and how we carried out the migration:

I will start by presenting the context to SeLoger and our late Synthetic Monitoring solution. Then we will proceed with the selection process we have put in place.

Antonio Gomes Rodrigues

Presented in French by Antonio Gomes Rodrigues Performance Manager,

Antonio Gomes Rodrigues is an expert in the field of application performance for over 10 years. His missions led him to work:

  • on the performance of high-traffic websites;
  • on the performance of an application for brokers;
  • on the performance of large client apps, cloud and web applications, etc.

With various tools (Profiler, APM, Synthetic Monitoring, load test…) and in various tasks: stress tests, implementation of performance strategies, training, performance audits, troubleshooting, etc…

He is currently Performance Manager at SeLoger, contributor and PMC member of the JMeter project within the Apache Software Foundation - ASF.