Let’s Talk About Value

par Boris Schapira, édition 2023

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I spent 15 years explaining to my clients why it was necessary to respect this or that good development practice. Like many, I relied on authority, citing studies conducted by this or that major company, but without necessarily having the ability to project or measure the value of the optimizations I was proposing.

I now have access to more data. And I’m eager to share with you what I’ve learned about the value of our work and why it should be crucial to embed these thoughts in all digital/marketing structures.

Boris Schapira

Presented in French by Boris Schapira Web Quality Solution Expert, Contentsquare

Boris is a Solution Expert at Contentsquare. After having spent several years helping development teams adopt Web Performance best practices, he is now in contact with Marketing and Strategy teams and shows them, with data, why Web Quality serves their objectives.