Implementation of a smart CDN to distribute Web Components

par Hubert Sablonnière, édition 2021

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For the web components library I’m working on, we first released a package on npm. This choice forces the users of our components to go through the jungle of Node.js-based tools, with its “npm install thingy”, its “babel thingy” and other “webpack thingy”. The time when you just had to add a script tag by hand that points to a CDN is long gone.

To ease the use of our components, we have created a “smart CDN” to expose our components. In this session, I’ll show you how we set up this system. We will explain how we build the files and how we expose them. It will be an opportunity to analyze the performance stakes and to measure concretely the impacts of different optimization techniques.

Hubert Sablonnière

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