Web server and Webperf seen by an SEO

par Aymeric Bouillat, édition 2021

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Let’s talk about web server configuration (Apache/Nginx) and elements that can impact certain KPIs (e.g. TTFB). Having done a lot of SEO migrations, I have often encountered several issues in terms of 301 redirects and server configuration. A degraded TTFB can also have an impact on high volume sites on the Google crawl (crawl budget).

During this presentation, I will talk about optimizations that can ease the server response time on Apache/Nginx, SEO oriented HTTP headers, and the advantages / disadvantages of some modules related to the Webperf on Apache/Nginx.

Aymeric Bouillat

Presented in French by Aymeric Bouillat Technical SEO Consultant, Havas Market France

Former Webmaster graduated from the Ecole des Gobelins, I turn to SEO in 2010. After working for Netbooster, Résonéo and SEOHackers, where I helped various clients develop their SEO strategy, I joined Havas Market (Havas Group’s Performance Collective) in 2019 as a senior SEO consultant and technical referent. I also provide SEO training (Gobelins school, Coding Academy, Oreegami school, SEOHighLevel).

Specialist in migrations and redesigns of websites, I attach particular importance to issues related to the mobile first index, as well as to web performance.