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Prices for previous (physical) editions were around 200€ and included the budget for the venue and the meals.
This year, the price is up to you! It can be free if you want, but giving to our organization will allow to pay for the 2020 small expenses (insurance, bank, speaker hardware for remote, Saas …) and to have some cash to book the 2023 venue. If you or your company can afford it, please help us!


You can register and pay for your tickets by credit card, online.
Within three weeks of the event, you can also book your tickets online and pay within two weeks by bank transfer.
If you need it, the Weezevent platform will provide you with an invoice.
All purchases are firm and final.

Where is We Love Speed taking place this year?

Every year, We Love Speed takes place in one of the most beautiful cities in France.

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