How to link performance and ecology?

par Romuald Priol, édition 2019

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The Web must be fast, optimized and efficient. But achieving a high-performance website is not easy when you consider the ecological aspects of the resulting code or the additional servers on your infrastructure. Web Performance is not Green, but it could be.

During this talk, I’ll explain the ecological impacts of digital technology and those specifically added by some Web performance optimizations so that you know how to embrace them. Together, let’s build a fast, efficient and responsible web.

Romuald Priol

Presented in French by Romuald Priol Expert Performance et Architecture web et mobile

Driven by a passion for computers and new technologies, I was drawn to the world of the Web where I learned to master the different PHP Frameworks ( Zend, Symfony, Phalcon…) and JavaScript (Vue.Js…). I then took a close look at the industry’s best practices (accessibility, SEO, etc…), before turning my attention to another world, mobile development (Windows Phone, FirefoxOs, Android) in both native and hybrid solutions (Xamarin, PhoneGap, Unity, Ionic, etc.) and Windows development (C# / XAML).

Thanks to these different areas of expertise, I grasped the performance and architecture issues of many projects, and to take a serious look at responsible design by taking into account the eco-design of web and native applications and all the aspects of responsible digital design.