Optimize performance by selecting optimal dimensions of responsive images

par Nicolas Hoizey, édition 2018

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The use of recent standards for responsive images (mainly srcset-w) has become unavoidable, but is not always accompanied by a fundamental reflection on their proper use.

To be more specific, too many sites use arbitrary image sizes in their srcset-ws, neglecting a significant performance optimization opportunity.

We will discuss different methods to define the best possible dimensions for these images, which will optimize performance for visitors, but also optimize the amount of computation, storage and bandwidth required on the server side.

Please note that this conference will not deal with optimal compression rates, image encoding formats or solutions that automate the management of all these optimizations.

Nicolas Hoizey

Presented in French by Nicolas Hoizey Cofondateur, Consultant Senior, Clever Age

Nicolas is a co-founder and senior consultant at Clever Age. He helps companies design the right technical architecture to cover their digital needs. He also brings front-end technical expertise about web performance, RWD, PWA, etc. Drawing on over 20 years of Web experience, he advocates a pragmatic use of Web technologies, defining and applying good technical and methodological practices.