Lightning fast UX: faking performance when there’s no code left to optimize

par Stéphanie Walter, édition 2018

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You have optimized every line of code of your site / mobile application, used all the techniques at your disposal to have the fastest loading time possible. I bet you also don’t have an Instagram or Pinterest’s budget, right?

Let’s take a look at a few projects I worked on to learn how to use different design techniques and UX to work performance also at the level of user perception.

Stéphanie Walter

Presented in French by Stéphanie Walter UX & UI Designer

Stéphanie is a UX and UI Designer with almost a decade of experience. She focuses on building a great user experience for mobile apps and responsive web sites. She’s passionate about her work and likes to share her knowledge with other people on blogs, at conferences and with the students she teaches to.