Conférences de We Love Speed 2019, le 20 septembre
Time White Hall (Ampère)Red Hall ( Garnier)
09:00 Attendees’ welcome 🥐
09:30 Conference Opening

Browsers, metrics & tools

in French by Romuald Priol
45 minutesWhite Hall (Ampère)

WebPerf is good, but knowing all the intricacies of our page creation is better! Let’s study how the web works for a better understanding of today’s issues. Learn more

How to improve the web performance of a portfolio of over 40,000 sites?

by Jeremy Wyler in French , Amir Glatt
45 minutesRed Hall ( Garnier)

How to optimize web performance when you are in charge of tens of thousands of websites for small and medium-sized businesses? Learn more

10:35 Change of room

LCP – Deep Dive

in French by Yoav Weiss
25 minutes + questionsWhite Hall (Ampère)

You know the LCP but… do you? Let’s discuss the history and the way this constantly evolving metric works. Learn more

Building a webperf culture at leboncoin

in French by Jérémie Pereira , Xavier Bouteiller
25 minutes + questionsRed Hall ( Garnier)

A look back at 18 months of tooling, improving and learning webperf within the Product / Tech / UX teams of the leboncoin group. Successes, failures, and all the other things we learned along the way. Learn more

11:10 Break ☕️

Web Performance: be a hero and leverage HTML/CSS

in French by Jean-Pierre Vincent
45 minutesWhite Hall (Ampère)

In order for a site to be fast and fluid, the HTTL/CSS developer is the game master. Let’s review the classic integration pitfalls, and how to deploy optimizations. Learn more

Doing webperf without being disappointed

in French by Mathilde Duboille , François Hendriks
45 minutesRed Hall ( Garnier)

Feedback on a performance optimization project for a French luxury e-commerce giant. Learn more

12:30 Lunch Break 🍱

Implementation of a smart CDN to distribute Web Components

in French by Hubert Sablonnière
25 minutes + questionsWhite Hall (Ampère)

"npm install foo", "babel bar" and other "webpack baz". What if we tried something else? Learn more

Yes, boosting your Core Web Vitals improves your visibility on Google

in French by Nicolas Audemar
25 minutes + questionsRed Hall ( Garnier)

What is the impact of Core Web Vitals on SERPs ranking? We have studied this at SISTRIX, and we will share our results with you! Learn more

14:20 Change of room

Web server and Webperf seen by an SEO

in French by Aymeric Bouillat
45 minutesWhite Hall (Ampère)

Improving your server response time is one of the basics of web performance. Tips and tricks for a better TTFB, seen by a SEO. Learn more

Micro-Front architecture, a driver for web performance?

in French by Ludovic Lagatie , Bertrand Laot
45 minutesRed Hall ( Garnier)

A feedback on the use of the Micro-Front architecture at Leroy Merlin. Time to Market, performance, resilience, we’ll tell you everything! Learn more

15:15 Change of room

Lightning Talks

in French by You!
25 minutes + questionsWhite Hall (Ampère)

A succession of interventions of less than 5 minutes to address very quickly many topics related to web performance. Learn more

SPArtacUX, the project that brought web performance to the heart of ManoMano UX

in French by Josselin Buils
25 minutes + questionsRed Hall ( Garnier)

Feedback on the revamping of ManoMano. Starting from scratch to become a reference in terms of site speed, what a challenge! Learn more

15:50 Break ☕️

Faster Than SPAs?

in French by Anthony Ricaud
45 minutesWhite Hall (Ampère)

Do SPAs deliver on their promise? Let’s take a look at how to get such rich interactions on multipage architectures, without needing hundreds of KB of JavaScript. Learn more

Critical path optimization

in French by Ludovic Lefebvre
45 minutesRed Hall ( Garnier)

Often present in various Web optimization tools, the critical path is a concept that is poorly understood or ignored. When does the first rendering of a page occur? How to identify and optimize blockages? These are the questions I want… Learn more

17:15 Change of room

Responsive RUM

by Tim Vereecke
25 minutes + questionsWhite Hall (Ampère)

A successful performance analysis requires the proper categorization of the collected measurements by device type. Overview of the available techniques. Learn more

Partnering around web performance

in French by Valentine Jahan , Bastien Gatellier
25 minutes + questionsRed Hall ( Garnier)

Web Performance brings together different expertises around common projects. Flashback on an ambitious transverse project at Fabernovel. Learn more

17:50 We Love Speed 2021 Ending
18:00 That’s all folks!