Conférences de We Love Speed 2019, le 20 septembre
Time Talk
08:30 Attendees’ welcome
09:00 Conference Opening

Eventually: how to measure web performance?

in French by Jean-Pierre VincentTalk

The page loading time is (very often) silly. Other generic and much better metrics exist but each have their weaknesses…


Lightning fast UX: faking performance when there’s no code left to optimize

in French by Stéphanie WalterTalk

You have optimized every line of code of your site / mobile application, used all the techniques at your disposal…

10:30 Coffee Break (30 min)
11:00 Conferences resume

CSS rendering performance

in French by Thomas ZillioxTalk

Fluid animations is sometimes difficult to obtain. We will see together how a browser works and why we have to…


Web Performance as a Core Value

in French by Aniss BoumriguaTalk

Some company are still hesitating to invest a lot of time and money into Web Performance because the matter is…


Organizing Business for Web Performance

in French by Dimitri Baeli, Vincent Robert, Francois Boury, Aurélien LajoieTalk

Building a Web performance culture in the workplace is not easy. Managers must imagine how projects are organized (transversal or…

12:40 Launch Break (1 hour)
13:40 Conferences resume

How much is 100ms?

in French by Stéphane RiosTalk

Fighting against milliseconds, megabytes or dozens of tags is what webperf addicts do every day and it is obviously a…


User Experience & Performance: Metrics that Matter

in French by Damien JubeauTalk

I’ll talk about a key concept for building a real performance culture for your web projects: the performance budgets. It’s…


Chrome UX Report

by Rick ViscomiTalk

Understanding how fast your website is as experienced by real users is a critical first step to begin to optimize…


Optimize performance by selecting optimal dimensions of responsive images

in French by Nicolas HoizeyTalk

The use of recent standards for responsive images (mainly `srcset-w`) has become unavoidable, but is not always accompanied by a…

15:40 Coffee Break (30 min)
16:10 Conferences resume

User Experience & Performance: Metrics that Matter

by Philip TellisTalk

Whenever we speak about measuring web performance and user experience, we typically refer to static events in the browsing experience….


Fast By Default — rebuilding Algolia’s website

by Jonas BadalicTalk

Avoiding the common mistakes and hidden bottlenecks that hinder your site from going fast on all devices and different network…